Launch Party: Edge of AI Podcast

Launch Party: Edge of AI Podcast

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August 2, 2023 4:00 PM (PST)

Edge of AI Launch Party 🤖🎉

Wednesday, August 2 4:00 - 9:00 PM

Venice, CA

🚀 Welcome Aboard the Edge of AI Podcast!

Celebrate with The Edge of Company as we launch the next epic podcast: Edge of AI.

Join us in Venice Beach for a live podcast recording, expert talks, great music, tasty treats, cold drinks, and insider networking.

This is a limited capacity event; tickets will sell out.

A small number of early bird tickets available with code STARTUPCOIL50

Speakers will include:

  • Les Borsai - Co-founder at Wave Digital Assets and Partner at Wavemaker Genesis Labs
  • Ramsay Brown - Founder and CEO of The AI Responsibility Lab and Mission Control
  • Eric Galen - COO of RFLXT and Strategic Counsel for Media, Technology, and Web3 Ventures
  • Jyo Deshmukh - Professor, Researcher, and Co-Director of USC's Center for Autonomy and AI


A small number of early bird tickets available with code STARTUPCOIL50


About the Edge of AI podcast:

Snap into your safety belt and prepare to explore the depths of the rapidly expanding AI universe. Each episode is a dispatch featuring hyper-relevant reports from the pilots, pioneers, and passengers aboard the AI rocketship. We explore the latest use cases and developments in AI, hear from experts building the tech, and learn how this disruptive force is transforming industries and society.

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